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Have a listen to my Soundcloud samples of voiceovers I’ve recorded in different genres.


If you’re looking for something specific and it’s not here, why not send me a snippet of script and ask me to record a bespoke audition piece for you?

What style of read do you need?

Ask me to quote for your project

I can often offer same-day or next-day turnaround for your audio, depending upon my schedule and the scope of your project.


Call me on 0113 834 5477  or drop me a line to discuss your requirements.

Like what you hear? Let's hit record!

Recording and remote direction

Are you a voice director? If you wish to direct our session, I’m happy to hook up for high-quality, bi-directional streaming via ipDTL or Source Connect.


Alternatively, simply give me your full briefing and leave me to get on with it.


Whichever way of working you prefer, you can be sure I'll send you a quality recording, delivered in whichever audio format you require via your preferred file-transfer method.


Find out more about my studio set-up

Need help with your script?

Thanks to the years I spent working as an ad-agency copywriter, I can write scripts as well as voice them. If that’s something you’d like my input on, don’t be afraid to ask.