Words to set the world to rights

Lesley Sharp, your friendly freelance copywriter!


Hello, I'm Lesley


For many years, I worked as an advertising copywriter. But there came a day when I realised

I was more of a Facebook power-user than a copywriter. It was my go-to procrastination hangout. And I was procrastinating a lot.


Epiphany time. I don't want to be a copywriter any more, I said to myself. So I stopped.

For a long time after that, I totally lost my writing mojo. I didn't have the urge to write a damn thing. Apart from when the Facebook status box asked me what was on my mind.


Instead of typing two lines, I'd frequently end up writing a screen-length missive worthy of the Grumpy Old Women show.  After a while, it felt like it was time to cut my Facebook friends some slack and stop haranguing them with my opinions and daily takes on world events.


So I deleted all my old copywriting-promotion stuff from this 'ere website and Sharp Words has now been reconstituted, a bit like chicken roll, as a spot to let loose with my views.


There will almost certainly be swear words. Just so you know.